Sell Your Home Fast

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Selling your home can be a tough time on you and your family.  We understand it.  So you probably want to sell your home fast.  We are there with you.  If you are looking for tips on how to make the process easier, you have come to the right place.

  1. To sell your home fast, make it available.

Easy to show homes are very important.  This could be the best way to sell your home fast.  There are many times when it has been virtually impossible to show a home.  I know things come up, but try your best to accommodate the showing of your home.

If you don’t have one, consider a lockbox to allow agents to show the home when you are not there.  Make sure your agent uses an MLS lockbox for the most accessibility.

  1. Keeping up appearances helps to sell your home fast.

It is difficult to keep a home show ready at all times.  Especially if you have kids.  But understand that while it is best for a home to look like no one lives there, this is not practical.  Buyers understand when a home is a little out of order.

Most buyers understand giving a couple hours’ notice, but having to wait until the next day or a few days will cost you potential buyers.  Some are only in town for a short period.  Don’t miss out on a buyer just because you are a little embarrassed about the appearance of your home.

  1. Cleanliness vs. Messy

While in a perfect world your home is spotless, we understand that that is not reality for most.  But being a little messy or cluttered is far more acceptable than filthy or dirty.

Along the order of cleanliness, replace the air filter.  You might be surprised how many people actually check it.  It is an indication of if you are taking care of the home properly.

  1. Remove pets from the home.

Sell your home fast by removing pets for showings.

Consider removing pets to sell your home fast.

Just keep in mind that most don’t want to be bothered by a pet, even a good one.  And some are even afraid of them.

Just to keep it simple, remove pets from the home or keep them in a bedroom.  It will make the showing go much smoother.

The tips above are sometimes tough to keep on top of.  But the fact is, to get the top dollar and to sell your home fast, you have to work a little harder.  Think of it like this:  Doing an extra hour of chores every day to make the home show better could net you thousands of dollars more.  Or possibly you might just sell it that much quicker.  In any case, you will be compensated for your hard work.

Want to see how quickly homes are selling in your area?  This is a national statistic link for days on market.