5 Tips for Great Curb Appeal

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Curb appeal that can be improved

Bad Curb Appeal

When a perspective buyer is coming to your home, there needs to be an instant great impression.  It is imperative that the first thing they feel is that things are taken care of.  So we will go over 5 things that are going to make the home show much better.

The items listed below are mostly very low cost.  They involve more labor than money, and most sellers can be accomplish all the items for much less than $150

  1. A green yard

This is a really easy one that leaves a great impression on the buyers.  It says so much more than green grass.  It says there is plenty of water.  It indicates you care about your home.  When the yard is brown and not cared for, the buyer will think that there are other things you don’t take care of that they can’t see.

This is an easy fix.  Living in the Grants Pass area makes it simple to have a green yard.  You just need water.  You don’t need in-ground sprinkler for this, just a hose and a sprinkler that you can move around will do the trick. In addition to that, you can get a great improvement with a little “weed and feed” yard product available at any major store or home improvement depot.  Unless you have a huge yard, it can be done for as little as 30 or 40 dollars, and in my opinion has the biggest impact.

  1. Clean planters

clean planters help sell homes

Clean and tidy planters

If you have areas that are intended to be a planter, they should be reasonably clean also.  This means that the weeds are pulled, and the bushes trimmed.  Of course just trimming the bushes and shrubs is not enough.  You have to dispose of the trimmings.

A Great improvement that is very affordable is to have new bark put in.  Even if you just put a dusting of it on the top, it smells like new bark and also looks great.  If you cannot afford the new bark, then use your lawn rake and move it around a little.  The newer looking bark under the surface will give it a little shine.

  1. painting touch up

    Paint touch up helps curb appeal

    Fresh paint

This is not to say that you have to paint the whole home, but there are a few places that buyers tend to notice.  Now if you have paint that is flaking off, you may need a little more effort.  Take the time to knock off the loose paint and touch up those spots.  Hopefully you have a little paint that matches.  If not, take a small sample flake and get it matched.  Then it will look perfect.

The number one place that I see a problem is the doors.  If you have a pet that scratches the doors, consider putting a fresh coat of paint on them.

  1. Clean and tidy

This includes quite a few things.  But mostly we are talking about stuff out in the front of the home.  This can include kid’s toys, equipment, trash, or anything that just keeps it from looking like a new home.

A freshly mowed yard looks great, even if there are a majority of weeds.  This means that during the growing season you will have to mow a little more often.  Edging the yard is an extra step that makes everything look right.

Have the sidewalks swept clean or even washed off.  If your driveway is paved, consider using a lawn blower on it if you have one.  If your driveway is gravel, a fresh layer of gravel makes a great impression.

  1. Messy neighbors affect your ability to sell.

    Messy neighbors


This one is a little tougher, but I have seen sellers go the extra step by helping neighbors clean up a little.  You have to remember that a lot of people will be turned off of your home if your neighbor’s homes look trashy.

Consider spending a few minutes each week walking up and down the street a little and picking up the trash in the ditches and street.  Buyers may not notice exactly what you did, but it gives a great impression.

Just a reminder, make sure that you have permission to “help” them.  You don’t want to get in a fight over it.

Since we are talking about curb appeal, you can cheat a little here and only do the front of the home.   Of course it would be better to have the whole property done, but sometimes that is an unreasonable expectation.

One trick that is used is to keep a pad of paper with you and write down the first thing you see that is out of place.  Look away from the property for a minute and then turn around with fresh eyes.  As we get used to looking at the same things every day, it gets harder to see.  Using a (brave) friend that can gently point out the offenses will help if it is hard for you to see.  I would recommend using your agent to point out the items.  They are experienced in what buyers see and mention.

If you are getting ready to sell your home, give us a call and we will do a free walk through and help identify the items that would potentially bring you the most money.