5 Things That Delay Home Closings

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There are a few things that will stop or delay a home closing that never should.  A good real estate agent will know to prepare you for these items so you don’t get caught off guard.  Most items on the list will cost 20 dollars or less, so just fix them before you get your first offer.

  1. you must have hot water heater straps

    Hot water heater starps

    Water heater strap

This little thing can delay the closing and cost additional money.  The appraiser is going to look for it.  If it is not there, they will need to re-inspect after it is installed.  The re-inspection can cost 50-150 dollars.  Just make sure it is there when you put your home on the market.

  1. Smoke detectors

It’s the law.  You have to have the detectors.  It is the seller’s responsibility to provide them.  Check local laws to make sure they are installed in the proper locations.  Sometimes one or two will do the job for the entire home.

  1. CO detectors

CO detectors are usually required if you have gas appliances or if you have an attached garage.  You can usually buy one that is a combination smoke and CO detector for around 20 dollars at home improvement stores.

  1. Baseboard heat is a cost effective way to heat bedrooms.

    Baseboard Heat

    No heat

Most homes have heat of some sort, but this is in reference to the bedrooms.  If the buyer is getting a loan, then the home must have heat in the bedrooms.  A wood stove in the living room is not enough.  Even if it is enough to be comfortable in all the rooms.

You may consider putting in baseboard heaters just to make your home financable to more potential buyers.

We have found that a licensed electrician will cost about $100 per room.  Then it is installed properly and your liability is drastically reduced.

  1. Tie downs.

This applies to manufactured homes.  You have to have tie downs for the home to qualify for a few government loans with low down payments.  This can get costly, so make sure to do your homework before taking this one on.

By making sure that your home is ready to finance, you will prevent delays that are unnecessary.  These conditions come up on almost every home.  So be prepared and don’t get caught off guard.