Home Inspections for Grants Pass Real Estate

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In the Grants Pass area home inspections run 350 dollars or more, depending on the size of the home.  So when is it really necessary to have one?  Wouldn’t it be better if you could save the money?

A new home

You would think that a brand new home would not need a home inspection.  But you might be surprised.  The age of the home is little indication of whether or not it was built properly.  There are a lot of things that can go wrong.  Usually this is just because there are overlooked items.  But some are code violations.

Some of the common things are improperly vented plumbing, dryer vents that terminate under a home, cellulose debris under the home.  Since a good home inspector will check everything possible, they will let you know if an outlet doesn’t work or if the heating and air conditioning is working properly.

Older homes

While not exclusive to older homes, there are a lot of things that can be wrong with a home that has decades of age to it.  Three of the most common issues that can stop a transaction are:

  1. moldy homeMold

In such a wet area, mold almost seems inescapable.  But you can prevent it.  Poor ventilation and faulty drainage can be remediated.    Sometimes it is a simple fix, and other times it is such a big job, that you may not want to take it on.



  1. Dry rot

Dry rot happens in place that are usually hard to get to or see.  If it is easy to find, then you may be able to determine that you don’t want to write an offer in the first place.  Sometimes it is a small thing like a little around the bottom edges of the siding.  Other times it can really serious like support joists rotted clear through.


But under bathrooms and kitchens, it is not uncommon to find a little bit.  The inspector should be able to find out if the leaking has stopped.  Also they can determine if the damage is minimal, or if it is a big deal.


  1. pest and dry rotPest problems

Grants Pass real estate doesn’t seem to have a large problem with termites, but they do get found sometimes. Pest problems can range from a small fix, like getting an exterminator out for mice to large problems like major termite issues.  Again these items are usually under the home, in places where home buyers don’t want to go.

Maybe you are reading this and are saying “I can do this myself, why pay someone else?”  Well if you are capable, that is great.  And you can do it yourself.  But the majority of people should rely on a professional to do the task.

Who pays for it?

Normally that is the responsibility of the buyer, but you can negotiate it to where the seller pays for it.  In some cases, there may be a home inspection already on record.  It doesn’t hurt to ask your Realtor to check.  If there is one already done for another client, make sure you understand that it was not completed representing you.  So there is no recourse if you rely on it.  For the protection, you have to buy your own.

It is worth mentioning that just because a home has some inspection issues does not mean you shouldn’t buy it.  The idea is to know what you are getting, and then make an educated decision of whether or not it is worth it to you.  Once it is laid out, you can wisely decide if you want to continue with the transaction.

In conclusion, the home inspection is a few hundred dollars, but should not be understated on how important it is.  It is a very cheap way to have a little insurance.  Having someone that knows what they are looking for, and where things normally fail look at the home is a VERY good idea.