Grants Pass River Front Real Estate

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If you are looking for Grants Pass river properties, two rivers offer the opportunity to live waterfront.  These rivers offer some of the finest living on absolutely beautiful waterways.  If you are in the market for waterfront, it is hard to beat these two rivers.

1. Applegate – Grants Pass River Properties

Grants Pass River - Applegate River

Grants Pass river – Applegate River


Smaller than the Rogue River but just as scenic, the Applegate River is a beautiful river to have a home on.  The river will merge with the Rogue River West of Grants Pass and then make its way to the ocean.

There are very nice properties on the Applegate, and you can expect to pay a premium for them.



2. Rogue River – Grants Pass River Properties

Grants Pass River - Rogue River Bridge

Grants Pass River – Rogue River


World class fishing and rafting are part of this river.  For the Boatnic parade, there are jet boat races.  Swimming and boating is also available

There are not a lot of homes to choose from, and there are rarely more than a few available at any given time.

Bare land is almost impossible to find.  It may pop up occasionally, and if it does, you will need to act fast if you want to get it.  Like other properties on the river, these are going to be priced a little higher than you might expect, but the scarcity allows the market to drive the price.

Since there is a scarcity of homes for sale on the river, you may need to buy something that doesn’t quite fit your standards and consider remodeling or replacing the existing home.

There is a third option that is slightly more affordable.  It is the Illinois River.  About 30 minutes west of Grants Pass in the town of Cave Junction.  Because it is a bit remote, you will find larger acreage and older homes.  The properties are still limited though, so finding your dream property here requires active searching.

Whatever the outcome, having Grants Pass river properties is a highly desirable thing.  And for good reason.  You will not regret getting a piece of our heaven if you are so lucky as to find it.

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